How We Wear Our Favorites

By Alternative
April 24, 2017

At Alternative, we spend our days creating comfortable and sustainable clothing that we end up loving so much that we live in it just like you do. One of our favorite things about our apparel is how versatile, wearable and adaptable it is – it fits into every lifestyle, and everyone makes it their own. We get inspired daily by how you #WearAlternative as well as how we see it styled around the office. Meet the Alternative fam and see how we wear some of our favorite pieces.



Meet Nurain: Pro Wordsmith, Marketing

Favorite Item: Champ Remix

Why: “I’m obsessed with the fun details, like the cut neckline and rolled sleeves.”

What she does during her time off: “I write about t-shirts at work and then go home and write about my feelings. That’s a lot of words, so I’m constantly searching for inspiration through art, music, travel & food, because well, who can think on an empty stomach?”




Meet Donald: Master Receiver, Distribution Center

Favorite Item: Dodgeball Jogger

Why: “I love wearing sweatpants, even when it gets hot, so I just scrunch them up a little.”

What he does during his time off: “I like to draw and work in Illustrator and Photoshop. I like finding ways to look at things differently.”




Meet Caroline: Design Boss, Product Development

Favorite Item: Washed Slub Baseball Tee

Why: “I accidentally ordered two for my boyfriend, and I just couldn’t give it back.”

What she does during her time off: “Binge watch TV. I just finished the Leftovers & Silicon Valley.” Same, Caroline.




Alternative is a tight-knit tribe of doers who work in sync to share stories, art, and a tedious focus on the impact we have on the clothing lifecycle.

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