Brand Spotlight: Trust Print Shop

By Alternative
July 8, 2019
“Alternative’s fabric is unlike any other, and it always comes to mind when a customer wants that  ‘something extra’ to help their garment stand out.”

-Travis Bryant, Sales Rep, TRUST PRINT SHOP
Inside Trust Print Shop in Forth Worth, TX

Many screen printers get their start in the garage, but not many in a garage band. This is the story of Fort Worth-based Trust Print Shop, started by band-mates Matt Lucas and Travis Bryant -- and it’s worth a listen.  

“Matt, owner of Trust, and I were in a band throughout high school. As we grew our hometown and regional following, touring with any break in our high-school schedule, so grew our need for merch to sell,” said Travis. After being let down by local t-shirt printers, again and again, the two set up shop in Matt’s family’s garage. 
Printed Eco Crew in Camo

1973EA Eco-Jersey® Crew Tee in Camo

It didn’t take long for orders to start pouring in, and before they knew it -- boom -- they had a legit screen-printing shop. Fifteen years later, and they’re busting out the best custom tees in Fort Worth. What’s their secret? “It’s science! We aggregate data to better understand outcomes and refine our processes and formulas to optimize both quality and consistency,” said Travis. 

But there’s more to Trust Print Shop’s success than loads of data -- it has to do with how they treat their people. “Trust wants to be an example that great success can be achieved in business by building a team, growing their experience, developing their skills, valuing them on a human level, and compensating them with dignity for their contribution,” said Travis. Take one look at their tight-knit team, and you know they feel loved.
Together, they create New Favorite Shirts (it’s kind of their thing) for all customer types. “We aim to be a solution for everyone, from the band needing thousands of shirts for their arena tour, to the local church group that just needs a handful of tees for their meetup. They all get the same respect, service, and quality -- and we’re proud of that,” said Travis.
Trust Print Shop uses only the best, softest blank tees. And top of their printwear list is yours truly. “Alternative’s fabric is unlike any other, and it always comes to mind when a customer wants that ‘something extra’ to help their garment stand out,” said Travis. Loosely knit for a love-worn feel, with vintage-like color, our pieces are truly unique. 

Alternative Rocky Hoodie9590F2 Rocky Zip Hoodie in Eco True Dusty Pine

Travis is big on the Eco-Jersey® Crew Tee in Eco Ivory, but the shop’s been known to print on our hoodies, too. “We really dig the Rocky Eco-Fleece Zip Hoodie. Year after year, we use them for our team hoodies in the fall/winter. They’re the perfect combination of sharp and put-together that maintains the coziness of a lazy day in bed,” said Travis. 

Stripped Marine Tank
1997EJ Marine Tank in Eco Ivory Seaside Stripe
As temperatures go way up, Trust’s customers are craving sleeveless styles. “Tanks are once again in demand,” said Travis. But people don’t want just any tanks -- they’ve got to be equally soft, with retro good-looks. Knit from our own dreamy Eco-Jersey®, the Marine Tank is just the thing, featuring contrast piping and yarn-dyed stripes. Just like Trust Print Shop, it’s truly something special.  

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