Brand Spotlight: Made of Mountains

By Alternative
August 8, 2019
“We love the simplicity and style of Alternative. Over and over, we get compliments on the quality of their garments. Also, the customer service is second to none.”
Abbreviate Made of Mountains, and what do you get? M.O.M. And there’s good reason for that. The Montana apparel brand was started by Britt McGillivray while she was pregnant with her daughter. With the Mission Valley as her backyard, she found design inspiration everywhere she looked. And from there, her clothing line was born -- made for all the Mountain Mamas.
Fast-forward to now, and her close friend -- and mom of two -- Stephanie Morton owns the brand and creates their designs. “I run a Made in Montana gift store called Great Gray Gifts. It’s a big tourist destination on the way to Glacier National Park. Britt had a lot of the M.O.M. merchandise in my store. I loved the brand and our values were perfectly in line. She called me one day and asked if I would take over. It was the perfect fit,” said Stephanie.
Her store says a lot about the Made of Mountains vibe. “It’s relaxed and fun. We have a team of seven women and a tiny five-month-old baby who rounds out the group. M.O.M. production happens in the back. We also have an espresso bar, make huckleberry milkshakes, and sell other garments from different Montana companies,” she said.
As you can imagine, the outdoors are a special place for Stephanie. “The mountains are where I go to retreat, breathe in fresh air and enjoy the quiet moments. When I’m not in the shop making shirts, you’ll always find me in the mountains,” she said. One look at her designs and you can’t help but think nature. 
But there’s more to Stephanie’s line than the mountains. Her apparel has got to be soft and stylish, to keep those Mountain Mamas (and their little ones) looking and feeling good all day. “We strive to make garments for moms who want to be comfortable and still trendy,” said Stephanie. “We’re always looking for comfort when we choose our garments. Softness is key,” she added. 
As a top apparel brand for laidback basics, Alternative is the perfect match. “We love the simplicity and style of Alternative. It’s trendy and functional. Over and over, we get compliments on the quality of their garments,” she said. That’s because we take time to create our own fabrics, using sustainable materials and processes whenever we can. It’s a difference you can see and feel.  
Out of all the Alternative garments Stephanie prints on, our Lazy Day Sweatshirt is her top pick. “It looks worn but still has great quality,” she said. The best part? Its terry body is burned out in garment form for soft highlights. And when it comes to shirts, our Ideal Eco-Jersey® Tee is a store fave. Made from our special blend of soft cotton and recycled water bottles, it feels good -- inside and out. 
Load up on the softness that keeps those Mountain Mamas coming back for more. 

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