The Tee Guide: A tee for everyone, for every occasion.

By Alternative
June 13, 2019

Find your new favorite.


01070C1_Go To Tee


1070  -  Cotton Jersey

Go-To Tee

For every day and every one.

30 Colors, Tear-Away Tag






01010CG_Outsider Tee



1010 - Heavy Wash Jersey

Outsider Tee

Slightly heavier weight than the classic tee.

14 Colors





06005C2_Organic Tee



6005  -  Organic Cotton

Organic Crew

As eco-friendly as you can get.

10 Colors





05050BP_Keeper tee



5050  -  Vintage Jersey

Keeper Tee

The 50/50 tee, reinvented.

17 Colors, Tear-Away Tag






Just like you, each top's unique in its own way. Find Your perfect match.

01973E1_Eco Crew



1973  -  Eco-Jersey®

Eco Crew

A blend of organic and recycled polyester.

11 Colors, Tear-Away Tag





06094S1_Grid Tee Guide_05



6094  -  Weathered Slub

Weathered Slub Keeper

For a subtle, textured look.

8 Colors, Tear-Away Tag





04850CV_Grid Tee Guide_17



4850  -  Garment Dyed Cotton Jersey

Distressed Heritage Tee

Perfectly worn-in look and feel.

7 Colors





01932E1_Grid Tee Guide_33



1932  -  Eco-Jersey®

Boss V-Neck

Classic cut that's buttery soft.

4 Colors






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